Housing for Everyone

In my tenure as an alder for District 12, I have worked hard to bring a variety of housing types to our district and to push for long-term affordable housing options. I have shown progressive leadership in housing for District 12, by sponsoring bills to support housing affordability and pushing developers to bring affordable housing and a higher volume of housing to our district, and it has paid off with a huge number of units coming to District 12 in just 2 years.

I supported the development of The Madisonian Apartments, a $15 million project at 1825 and 1837 Aberg Ave. with 70 units, including 49 for those with low incomes. This project has already received $10 million in federal tax credits and has been approved by the Common Council.

I was also in favor of the proposed development of the Oscar Apartments, a $25 million project at 1212 Huxley St. with 111 units, including 93 for those with low incomes. This project has already received $15.5 million in federal tax credits.

For those facing extreme housing insecurity, I co-sponsored the bill to fund the move of the men’s shelter in District 12 to increase capacity, and the emergency bill to develop the Tiny Home Village on Aberg Avenue to house people facing extreme conditions this winter.

In addition to these affordable housing developments, I was in favor of three new market rate developments coming to District 12. Having a balanced approach in our district is important in order to add housing for a variety of income levels. Density is good for our small businesses as it will bring more clients to support our local economy, and the housing shortage in Madison means that we need density across the board to make sure our community can continue to afford to live here. At the same time, I collaborated with the developer of the workforce housing development at Ella’s Deli to make the units more affordable.

I also worked on a budget amendment to add $2.6 Million to the Capital budget for land banking to support uses in line with the Capital Improvement Plan including affordable housing.