As an alder, I kept my commitment to fight against global warming and climate change. I advocated for your voices in Council to protect the wetlands at the Hartmeyer property. Thanks to the help and support of Friends of Hartmeyer and my countless hours of hard work, we were able to save 16 acres of wetlands.

On the legislation front, I proposed a Plastic Straw Ordinance to reduce single use plastic in the City of Madison. After consulting with so many of you stakeholders and collecting feedback to make it more inclusive for the community, the ordinance passed. 

I also introduced a game changing Electric Vehicle (EV) Ordinance to create EV infrastructure in Madison and help reduce carbon emissions. This is slated to pass in the City Council on January 5th, 2021.

In the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan, I introduced Goal 3. The focus of this goal was to “prioritize the use of green building strategies and certifications in development and redevelopment projects to achieve holistic, integrated sustainability outcomes including water resource protection, waste reduction, climate resilience, and community health promotion.”

With all new construction developments in District 12, I advocate and put pressure on the developers for green roofs, solar energy on affordable housing and promoting green building structures.