Hi, I'm Syed.

Thanks for visiting my site. I moved to Madison with my wife, Holly, a lifelong Badger. I quickly fell in love with Madison: the people, the culture, the Midwestern values, and the opportunities the city afforded to me. I have always had a passion to serve the community so once we were settled in Eken Park I started getting involved. My neighbors gave me such a warm welcome that I wanted to advocate for them, starting in the neighborhood where I'm raising my family. My children were born while we lived in Eken Park and I'm more invested than ever in keeping the north and east sides of Madison a great place to live for all people, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.


In 2019, I was honored when you elected me as the alderman for District 12. I did not take you electing me for granted and I went straight to work advocating for you on the Common Council. These past two years I've championed housing for everyone, environmental social justice, safe communities and racial justice, sustainability and working on policies to protect our communities from COVID 19.


In addition, in April 2020 after one year of service on the City Council, my fellow alders trusted me and elected me to the leadership position of Vice President of the Madison City Council.


Before you elected me as alderman for District 12, I volunteered on several committees, actively advocating for the community, serving as Co-Chair of the Eken Park Neighborhood Association, Vice Chair and citizen member of the Public Safety Review Committee, member of the Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee, and member of the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment.


When not raising my two children with my dear wife, Holly, or working on City Council issues, I work as an energy efficiency business development manager for an independent nonprofit that advances sustainability through energy consulting, continuing education, research and program design. I've worked in a variety of roles in my professional life and earned a master's degree in public policy and human development from United Nations University.


Originally from Pakistan, I worked really hard to get where I am today. It is with that determined attitude and strong work ethic that I will advocate for you. To learn more about me, please explore my site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!

Campaign Staff:

Campaign Manager:

Cooper Talbot, Eken Park Resident & Show Host on WORT




Maggie Freespirit, Eken Park Neighborhood Association & IBEW Local 159



Syed is proudly endorsed by the following individuals & organizations


Elected Officials 

Satya Rhodes-Conway - Mayor, City of Madison

Shiva Bidar, Alder District 5  

Tag Evers, Alder District 13th


Barbara Harrington-McKinney. Alder District 1 











Brian Benford, Former Alder District 12












Yogesh Chawla, Dane County Supervisor District 6









Samba Baldeh, Wisconsin State Assembly District 48 and Alder District 17


Michele Ritt, Dane County Supervisor District 18










Arvina Martin, Alder District 11

Mike Verveer, Alder district 4

Melissa Agard - Wisconsin State Senator District 16



Gloria Reyes, President MMSD School Board 












Nada Elmikashfi, Former Candidate for State Senate District 26









Dane County Clerk, Scott Mcdonell


Local Neighborhood Associations Leaders 

Cooper Talbot, Co-Chair of Eken Park Neighborhood Association 

Catie Shannon, Former Co-Chair of Eken Park Neighborhood Association

Lesleigh Luttrell, Former President of Sherman Neighborhood Association

Renee Walk, Former President of Sherman Neighborhood Association


Sara Hinkel, Former Co-Chair of Emerson East Neighborhood Association








Tom Running, Co-Chair of Eken Park Neighborhood Association












Local Community Leaders

Jim Powell, Lead Organizer, Midwest Environmental  Justice Organization

Jessica Leclair Co-Chair Sustainable Madison Committee

Juan José López, Vice Chair Latino Chamber of Commerce

Ankeita Bharadwaj, Community Activist and Member of Community Oversight Board

Ben Shannon, Former Co-Chair Eken Park Neighborhood Association 









Sadat Abiri, Madison Interfaith Groups Active Member


Steve Starkey, District 12 Community Activist, LGBT Advocate

Raj Shukla, Executive Director of River Alliance of Wisconsin

Marge Anderson, Board Chair of Green Building Council, USGBC Wisconsin

Fiona Stoner, District 12 Community Activist

Beth Sluys, Northside Madison Activist and 2020 North Star Award Winner

Paul Noeldner, Wisconsin Master Naturalist and Chair of Friends of Hartmeyer

Maggie Freespirit, Community Activist and IBEW Local 159

Anthony Whitaker, Community Activist and Former Candidate for District 12

Masood Akhtar, President of United Against Hate

Oscar Mireles, Executive Director of Omega School & City of Madison Poet Laurette




IBEW Local 159

Greater Chamber of Commerce 





Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin 


Downtown Madison INC









Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin 







Local Media  






























Janet Sperstad

Abdirahman Siad

Megan Scanlon

Christine Shan

Sarah Wu

Farhan Ahmad

Salman Ahmad

Qiufang Chen

Xiao Liu

Bernice Armould

Lorri Houston

Mark Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Tuttle

Sara Gill

Heather Driscoll

Mark Hammond

Alex Fergot

Bradley Geyer

Mary Richardson

Dan Richardson

Ann Garden

Caren Whalen

Maria Powell

Oscar Mireles

Donald Bruns

Wajiha Akhtar

Jennifer Argelander

Beth Sluys

Zach Johnson

Brandon Vloch

Dolores Kester

Ellen Hadidian

Ben Shannon 

Kaitlin Sonsalla

Tom Running 

Jeff Steele

Jenny Rodriguez

Susana Valtierra

Katie Malchow

Andrienne Sella

Stay tuned for more endorsements